August 16, 2011 @ 7:38 PM

OK so by now you have seen the 2010 Pink reduce Weight Fruta Planta Advanced Version and your probably wondering what is the difference between the regular Reduce Weight Fruta Planta and the new pink box of the Fruta?



  • Pink Fruta Planta is the newest version of the Fruta Planta family(reduce weight Fruta Planta) which is one of the hottest  Chinese weight loss pills being sold now.

  • Pink Fruta Planta and the Original Fruta Planta are both manufactured at Guangzhou Health Care Company

  •  The original Fruta Planta  contains the ingredients of fruit lemon,pectin,balsam pear,radish fruit,fruit gum,bitter gourd,papaya,benefit fruit & Spirulina and is 100% natural.

  •  Pink Fruta ...............

  • ...

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August 2, 2011 @ 8:28 AM

 -Meizitang common version(PACKAGE) and Meizitang strong(MSV-BOTTLE) version factory



1-The factory of Meizitang common version and Meizitang strong version are both manufactured at the same location in Yunan,China.

2-Outside package and inner soft gel difference

Meizitang common version are held in a bag,and the soft gels are held in foil.Meizitang strong version are held in a bottle.Meizitang common version have 36 soft gels separated on 3 boards,and meizitang strong version also have 36 soft gels in a bottle.

3-Soft gel outside and inner ingredients difference

Soft gel outside:the color of Meizitang common version gel capsules are a little lighter green and there are MZT“ anti fake lasered on a variety of the soft gel capsules.Meizitang strong version soft gels are a little darker green,and they are Laser marked MSV” on each soft gel for anti fake.

The Soft gel ingredients difference:the main ingredients of these two meizitang soft gel versions are the same,but the meizitang common version ingredients have less weight loss effect gel then the meizitang strong version,which is the reason why meizitang strong version is stronger than botanical slimming soft gel(meizitang soft gel,meizitang common version).

4-Price difference

Meizitang common version(meizitang soft gel,botanical slimming soft gel) is cheaper than Meizitang strong version(MSV).If the common version is 15 on the market,the strong version is about 18 for the same quantity soft gels.There are three reasons why-

1- Meizitang strong version is stronger for weight loss

2- Meizitang common version technology is more mature and the cost is lower

3- Meizitang strong version is newer.

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August 1, 2011 @ 8:00 AM

Meizitang Strong Version MSV(Brown Liquid) is the newer "2011" version(OEM) and Meizitang Strong Version MSV(White Liquid) is the "2010" ORIGINAL version.The are 3 main differences from Meizitang Strong Version MSV(Brown Liquid) and Meizitang Strong Version MSV(white Liquid)

1-MSV (white liquid) soft gel capsules are light green in color and the MSV(brown liquid) soft gel capsules are dark green in color.

2-The liquid color of Meizitang Strong Version  MSV(Brown Liquid) is brown and Meizitang Strong Version MSV(white Liquid) liquid is whitish.

3-Meizitang Strong Version Soft Gels desiccant packages are different in both versions and the (brown liquid) MSV inner seal is silver foiled,where the MSV(white liquid) inner seal states sealed for your protection.

Please don't be fooled by web-sites claiming brown MSV or white MSV versions are FAKE, Both MSV meizitang strong versions are Authentic and work well and are produced by the same meizitang supplier.

How to distinguish Authentic Meizitang Strong Version MSV soft gel capsules-
All Genuine Meizitang Strong Version MSV gel capsules  are  laser mark MSV on each soft gel capsule.

msv oem 2011 brown and white version
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