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You may return an item for a full refund (see exceptions below) or replacement within 30 days of the shipment date. The returned item in question must be not be used or opened in order to get a refund. If the item is not returned we will prorate your refund on what was returned to us.Shipping charges that you occur are non-refundable. Before returns are accepted please notify us via email so that we may try and help solve the problem and most importantly, please indicate the reason for the return. You may want to insure your return, we cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected returns. If you paid for your order by credit card a credit will be issued and will appear on your billing statement. (IT WORKS Body wraps are excluded for refunds).You may return your merchandise to:


P.O.BOX 4214


If you have any questions regarding your order, please feel free to contact us at:
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Exceptions for refunds - It Works Body Wraps,slim patches, Body soaps and whitening soaps, Body creams,cleanses, Male and female Toys and enchantments, Ann Chery corsets,lingerie,Platinum and Diamond Diet Pill.

How Do I Get A Refund?


Once we receive your returned item(s), we will refund you through your credit card original used for the transaction. If your product was never shipped out and you cxld before it was shipped you will receive a 100% refund. If your item was shipped and you request to cxl you will have to wait first for the item to be returned to us before you will receive a refund minus the shipping charge to ship the item. Please note we can only refund you back onto the original credit card that was used for your purchase. Please contact us at 386-337-8142 if you have any questions, customer service will be happy to assist you with your inquiry regarding your refund.( IT WORKS Body wraps,lotions,slim xtreme platinum ,male and female enhancers and  fat soaps are excluding for refunds)



  How Can I Track My Package?

  We ship all of our packages out using USPS . Within 24 hours of receiving your tracking email you may track the delivery status of your order. To track your package, please check the carriers site.




Taking Your Pills

       Should I to take my diet pills with cold, hot or warm water?

When taken with warm water or room temperature water after a light breakfast it allows the ingredients to dissolve faster enabling the product to enter your system faster. The temperature of the water is up to you. This way the body does not have to work to cool or heat up the water, it can just start to break down the pill.



                Can I Take This Product If I Am Nursing?

We DO NOT recommend this product for women who are pregnant or nursing. You should not be taking any type of weight loss supplement during this time. Your baby gets all there nutrition directly from you, So what you put into your body you are also putting into theirs.


Can I Take Birth Control Pills With My Pills

We suggest that you contact your doctor first and show them the ingredients and make sure it is ok. We do have hundreds of customers that take it with there birth control pills and have never had a problem. We suggest if you do take them at 2 different times in the day. Example diet supplement in the morning and birth control in the evening.

How much weight can I lose?

The amount of weight lost is based on you and your individual chemical body makeup. We have received feedback and spoken with customers that have lost  1- 4 lbs. in one week. Weight loss ranges per individual and we recommend eating a healthy diet and exercise. Light to moderate exercise a few times a week will help speed up the weight loss effect.

Remember: healthy weight loss does not happen overnight and our diet supplements take time to work but they do work. Remember weight loss that will stay off takes time so SLOW progress is the best progress. We recommend that you weigh and measure yourself when you start and then after 30-45 days again weigh and measure your self to see the effectiveness of the product and its results.

How Do I know your supplements are Authentic?

 Mynicnaxs stands behind all of our products that we sell with a 30 day money back refund. We don't deal in wholesale so we don't shop around for the cheapest company. Our shipments arrive twice a week from china sealed upon arrival from our suppliers. All of our products sold follow the GMP standards(Good manufacturing Practice) Our biggest supplier is Green Health Science And Technology Co., Ltd, Beijing Road,Kunming,Yunnan,China(Mainland) Zip: 650000. Now would we let you know where we buy our supplements from if we were not 100% they are manufactured in china and Authentic? 

Why is the language on the box so difficult to read or understand?

Mynicnaxs understands that the language on the box is very difficult to read or understand but keep in mind these supplements are imported directly from the manufacture in China. Since the product is still being produced over in china the language on the box has not been modified to meet our grammatical standards. Some of the newer boxes and versions have been modified slightly with some English health warnings and directions but for the most part have stayed the same.


Is my credit card information safe and can I shop securely??


You can shop at mynicnaxs with confidence. We have partnered with Authorize.Net , a leading payment gateway since 1996, to accept credit cards  payments safely and securely for our customers.

The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway manages the complex routing of sensitive customer information through the electronic check and credit card processing networks. See an online payments diagram to see how it works.

The company adheres to strict industry standards for payment processing, including:

  • 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for secure Internet Protocol (IP) transactions.

  • Industry leading encryption hardware and software methods and security protocols to protect customer information.

  • Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

For additional information regarding the privacy of your sensitive cardholder data, please read the Authorize.Net Privacy Policy

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Are Your Products FDA Approved?

 These products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Before taking any weight loss supplement you should consult your health care physician. Please check the FDA web-site for any approved or unapproved supplements as they may change monthly and is the customers responsibility to check.


Some  customers have experienced some of these side effects when taking fruta planta like headaches, dry mouthsleeplessness or constipation. Most of these side effects can be lessened by drinking lots of water and eating correctly.


Constipation – Some users may get constipated during the first 2 weeks as well. Constipation is caused by the pectin naturally found in the Fruta ingredients. Pectin is an organic carbohydrate that regulates the flow of water in the body. The constipation should go away as your body gets adjusted to the Fruta Planta formula and based on your diet and what you are eating.  Drinking lots of water will help avoid this problem.

 Sleeplessness – Some users experience extra energy when they first start using Fruta Planta. This extra energy may cause restlessness and sleeplessness in the first couple of weeks while you body adjusts to the ingredients. To minimize this make sure to take Fruta Planta in the morning and not in the evening before you are about to go to sleep.
 Dry Mouth – When taking the pill you may experience some dry mouth, this is a common effect of the weight loss pill however; we do not view the dry mouth as a side effect. The product forces you to drink lots of water and combined with the “LEMON INGREDIENT” it helps to cleanse your system(drink at least 8 glasses of water per day)   

If The Product Is All Natural Why Cant I Take It If i Have High Blood Pressure Or Diabetics?

 Although our supplements are all natural everyone deals with the mixture of prescription medications and natural herbs differently, we advise that you speak with your healthcare professional before taking any supplement to avoid possible conflicts with your medications or health. Noted medical problems such as Diabetes, Heart disease, thyroids, High blood pressure, anti-depressants, chronic fatigue syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis  have been noted in consumers currently taking our products  and achieving favorable results.

WHY cant i lose weight but everyone else does?

All supplements will have different effects for all users as supplements use natural ingredients that are meant to work with the way your body naturally works. Everyone's body is different and responds different.

How Much Water Should I Drink?

 To determine the suggested daily water consumption, take your body weight and divide it by 2 to equal amount of water in ounces to be consumed. Caffeine consumption requires additional water in the same amount of caffeine that has been consumed. For example, if you drink 4 ounces of coffee, then you must add four more ounces of water. *Note caffeine consumption does dehydrate the body. Symptoms of dehydration usually begin with thirst, dry mouth,fatigue or weakness, head rushes, dizziness, chills, skin flushing, dry skin and dark colored urine. If the dehydration is allowed to continue unabated, the following effects are normally experienced: Increased heart rate, headaches, nausea and tingling of the limbs, muscle cramps, increased respiration and decreased urination.

Will Your Supplements Keep Me From Sleeping?

Our Supplements contains natural fruit extracts, pomegranate and green tea. This combination offers a natural energy span that can last 13-15 hours. Chosen dosage should be taken in your early am hours . Dosage taken later in the day or in the evening may interrupt your sleep pattern. For some sleep may seem difficult to achieve or become interrupted at times during the first month, however typical energy levels are noted the following days to be alert and adjust within the first few weeks.  

Do Your Supplements Contain Caffeine?

Any supplement that contains green tea does contains natural caffeine in it. If you are sensitive to caffeine products take 1 capsule for a few days until you are comfortable with your energy level. Upon your individual tolerance you may increase to 2 capsules daily. Reduce back to 1 should 2 capsules become to strong. DO NOT CONSUME MORE THAN 2 CAPSULES DAILY.  

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