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Trim & FIT Brazil Diet Coffee

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Trim and fit brazilian diet coffee is made of traditional coffee mixed with herbal plant extracts and with its unique slimming formula making it possible for you lose weight in a safe and fast way. It works for both men and women with no side effects and it delicious to! Trim and Fit contains Green Tea (provides bio-flavonoids and polyphenols), Ginger root and lemon seed which will help detoxify the body and improve and rejuvenate your metabolism and cleanse your colon (great remedy if you suffer from constipation – it will stimulate your bowel movement)  

  • Fat Burner
  • Helps curb Cravings
  • Good Detox

 Ingredients-Ginger root, Starch, Grifonia Simplicifolia, Lemon Seed, Green Tea, Artichoke, Bitter Orange, Natural Plants Extract, Instant Coffee

Quantity per pack- 8g * 12 bags.

Directions: Brew one sachet in 1 cup of hot water and drink 15 mins before breakfast and lunch.


 NOT suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers, cardiovascular disease and stroke related patients. 

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