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                    2015 PINK  FRUTA FORMULA


 **Please note the factories have stopped making the 2010 advanced pink fruta planta and the 2011 oem pink fruta planta and this is a new formula of pink fruta planta.-see pictures below of pill and powder color before you buy**


*Please Note Pink Fruta Planta says "Reduce Weight Fruta Planta" not Grenada Grape Diet. It also has "Holographic Star bursts" all over the box along with the 3 seals you are used to looking for.The pill foil also has the pink fruta logo all over and the brochure is pink and so are the pills.**

Pink Fruta Planta is the hottest Chinese weight loss supplement right now on the market ! Everyone is talking about it, friends and family have taken it to achieve the results that they have always desired, and now you can too! One easy to swallow capsule daily is all you need to achieve the results you desire. People worldwide are losing 5-10 lbs a month using this supplement


1. Herbal & Natural                                                        2015 pink powder   2. Effective Weight Solution
3. 5-10 lbs off/ month


Brief description

1.100% pure and has all three seals and comes in a Holographic box.

2. Helps removes fat stubborn area's of the body

3. Really solves the obesity problem, and avoids rebounding.

4. Helps to clear up the waste of body, removes the harmful substances and makes the skin more beautiful

5. High concentration and you just need to have one tablet each day.

Fruta planta reduce weight is suitable for ladies and gentleman with normal obesity, adolescent obesity, post-natal obesity, and those who repeatedly fail to lose weight and regain weight easily. If you struggle with diet and exercise programs this is a solution by reducing your appetite and cravings. It kick starts weight loss and keeps weight off and helps to maintain a slim figure.

 Pros Of Pink Fruta

Reduced Fat Storage

Increased Metabolic Rate

No Cravings

Increased Energy and More Alert

Can reduce your food intake 

Helps you remove body fat 

Lose 5 lbs to 10 lbs, within a few weeks to 30 days of use.

Great energy booster without feeling jittery

Pink Fruta Planta-Ingredients: fruit lemon, Pectin,balsam pear,radish flaverable fruit, spiral algae,Chinese flowering quince

Pink Fruta Planta-Specifications: 400 mg-30 capsules /box

Pink Fruta Planta-Usage and Dosage: 1 x everyday

Pink Fruta Planta Storage: store in a cool dry place and keep out of reach of children.

Pink Fruta Planta period of validity: 24 months


Children, pregnant woman and patients that have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus or kidney disease can't take this pill.

For best results, combine all herbal dietary supplements with a exercise and nutrition program. We can not guarantee that everyone will have the same effect with fruta planta and 85% of our customers will loss weight effectively and Some won't!!   

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